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Creative Design Services

Don't know how you want your event to look? Or just need a little help pulling it all together. Let us help you create your dream event! Set-up a meeting, and we will discuss your vision. When the event date arrives, we bring your vision to life! Visit us, call us, or email us, and we will be happy to help you!

Please note: We do not have packages because every event and venue are different. You are different and unique. What works for one client does not work for another. Every event is custom designed to fit your needs, personality and style.

Event Set-up and Tear Down

For a stress free event, we provide hands free set-up and "tear down" services. When the event is over, we "tear down" your event, and you don't lift a finger.

Delivery and Pick-up

Is your vision bigger than your car? Don't worry! We offer delivery and pick-up services. Tell us where your event is, and we will deliver. We also deliver on the weekends! 

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